NB5 SeaHawk Ankle Bracelet

Our Multifunctional NB5 SeaHawk bracelet features GPS / 3G and RF monitoring technology, is designed for an intensive 24-hour tracking and has the highest technology on the market.


  • Built-in Alarm and Vibration
  • Low battery alarm / Strap cut / Open helmet
  • Reusable and adjustable Fiber Optic Strap
  • Restriction zone entry and exit alarm
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Low Signal Alarm
  • Indicator light of 100% battery / Low battery / charging and battery status status report.
  • Charge 3 hours to provide over 20 hours of battery


House Arrest

Keep close tabs on detainees under house arrest, parolees and others – while freeing your people for other tasks – with electronic monitoring systems from 3M. We offer a variety of scalable and customizable solutions to help keep your charges on the straight and narrow.

Our Integrated Platform enables operators to integrate monitoring tools and software modules onto a single platform. The platform solution makes the most of technology benefits, allows tailoring to program needs, and enhances overall value by reducing initial investment, lowering installation and support costs, improving system management and maintenance capabilities, and reducing training, and minimizing inventory requirements.

Home Curfew RF Monitoring System

Our Home Curfew RF (Radio Frequency) Monitoring system monitors if the user is within a pre-set distance range during scheduled times. The system is highly configurable, flexible, tamper-resistant, and easy to use.

GPS Tracking

GPS Monitoring allows tracking of an offender anytime or anywhere. Units feature multiple location detection technologies to ensure tracking even in environments where traditional GPS units lose signal. 3M offers wearable one-piece and two-piece tracking devices, all controlled by a single user interface.

Victim Supervision

In addition to accepting incoming calls from officers, our 24/7 Monitoring Center provides comprehensive services to include outbound calls to offenders and outbound calls to officers. Our goal is to resolve alerts as they occur, thereby helping to reduce the number of violations forwarded to agency staff. Providing offenders immediate feedback and instructions for resolving alert conditions helps reduce officer workload and minimize unnecessary overtime. Extended monitoring service packages may include offender call-in solutions, case management capabilities, fee collections and more. Packages can be tailored to each customer's specific needs.